What Makes Intu It Unique

Christina proudly offers a holistic approach combined with positive psychology, focusing on not only the mind, but also on the body and the spirit, and how to thrive in all areas of life.

Christina offers alternative consulting and coaching that is intervention-style, goal-oriented, and solution-focused so that individuals can get clear about what they want to achieve on their wellness journey while working toward their desired outcomes that can benefit the whole family unit.

In addition to verbal guidance, Christina uses a variety of involved, personalized, and hands-on approaches, such as play-based approaches and creative expression techniques, to engage children in the healing process, including mindfulness skills, deep breathing, movement, mindset techniques, art, strategic games, role-playing, flourishing and resiliency skills, sensory tools, behavior modification, essential oils, stress management techniques, appropriate anger-releasing techniques, and HeartMath technology that trains and measures head and heart resonance to help build coherence, resilience, positivity, and regulation of stress and emotions. Christina works closely with each client every step of the way, giving each individual a safe, loving, and comfortable environment that fosters healing and transformation. Christina creates space to hear and cater to each client’s individual needs, offering involved one-on-one guidance to achieve client’s most desired outcomes.

It is important at Intu It Parenting and Wellness that all areas of wellbeing are considered when helping clients to work through issues and improve their quality of life.  Christina believes that we must get back to basics in order to start reconnecting with ourselves and with our children.  Creating a balance in all areas of wellbeing allows us to become more mindful and present.  When we get in touch with ourselves, we have more to give to others, especially to our children.  We may begin to hear our children and understand what they need, and this, truly, is invaluable.     

About Christina

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Christina Carter, founder, owner, and CEO of Intu It Parenting and Wellness, was born and raised in Louisiana.  Ever since she was a young girl, Christina has been intrigued by human behavior.  On her own time and in her own way, she has observed why beings behave as they do.  In pursuing this interest, she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Elon University in 2010 where she discovered an interest in children and child behavior. 

She realized that most of the issues that children exhibited could be attributed to their parents.  Christina went to Southeastern Louisiana University where she conducted her graduate thesis on the parent-child relationship dynamic and child behavior problems, receiving her Master’s Degree in Psychology in 2014.  

Christina has gained experience with children and parenting during her education through tutoring, mentoring, and behavior intervention.  She has also connected with children during her experiences with summer camps, babysitting, and volunteering.  It is her education, experiences, curiosity, and her child-like spirit that have led her to her fresh, unique, and objective perspective on effective parenting and the parent-child relationship. 

Christina is a Certified Relationship Specialist (CRS) specializing in the parent-child relationship dynamic.  She is a parent-child relationship consultant, behavior specialist, and parenting consultant.  Christina is also a Positive Psychology Practitioner (PPP), with her focus on helping individuals thrive, flourish, live "north of neutral", and not only work to shift what is wrong, but to also build what is right. 

She says, "It has been most rewarding to witness improvement in the children and the parents that I've worked with."  From mentoring a female adolescent through significant social changes to counseling a male child through family challenges and bullying issues, and to empowering parents to take back their authority and trust their intuition, it is connecting with the individual and giving that person a voice that leads to their transformation, which is what Christina loves most about what she does. 


"Christina Carter's approach with my child is like no other. She is nurturing and compassionate. She welcomes you at every appointment with a smile. My child began seeing Christina 4 months ago. After just 30 minutes in our consultation, I knew we had chosen the right person to help us. I thought it would be a weekly battle to 'force' my child into her office, but it is quite the opposite. My child looks forward to their time with her. I have seen Christina's work behind closed doors take effect in our everyday lives. I have watched a spiraling preeteen walk into an appointment, and a calm grounded, level-headed preteen walk out an hour later. Christina is reachable and flexible- I can email her and she replies very quickly. Scheduling or rearranging appointments has never been a challenge. She has had a positive effect on my child, and in turn me. She helps to ground me as well. It is a process. That process sometimes takes a step backward, but it is still progress. My child is comfortable and open with Christina. She reassures her clients that they are in their safe zone. I highly recommend Christina to anyone with a child struggling with divorced parents, peer challenges at school, sibling rivalry, or any other challenge that may cross your child's path. She leads with her heart and it is evident in the work that she does bringing our children to a more peaceful state of mind."  -L. B.


"After many failed attempts at a behavior diagnosis for our son; we were left without many options regarding how we would deal with our child's personality and behavior. 

We were fortunate to see Christina's article in Sophisticated Woman. She was such a blessing. We finally felt like we were given real, practical advice. She gave us simple steps to make little changes which caused a major impact on our home life.

We felt like she had our child and our family's interests at heart.

She worked with our child to build a trusting relationship which allowed her to truly get to know and understand our child."  -E. G.


"My son is 12 and was shutting me out. I frantically searched the Internet and found Intu It Parenting. I hesitated but felt helpless and emailed Christina. She responded and my journey began and continues to improve my relationship with my son.

Christina takes an intervention type approach. She has coached me through scenarios and suggested different approaches and exercises to do with my son and how to set boundaries without so much angry emotion with every interaction. I did a lot of soul searching, and continue to do so. My goal was to understand my son and not to micromanage every thought and decision he made. Our relationship is improving. 

I continue to see Christina because I slip back into "my old ways". She was always supportive and empathetic. She was very honest and gave me advice and the tools to use for this thing called Motherhood."  -C. W.


"My time with Christina was enlightening and informative to say the least.  It reinforced my interest in alternative therapies.  I am wildly impressed by what she does in this business.  Parents and children alike love her.  When asking parents their opinion of Christina, I was warmly given the words 'magic', 'lifesaver', and 'gift'.  I couldn't agree more.  She has a way with her clients that is both comfortable and confidently understanding.  Professionally speaking, she does her job better than many in her field.  I'd love to bring my own son for therapy with her, and would be a parent client any day." -L. B.


“I came across an ad for Intu It in a local parenting magazine when my child was 3.  Although the terrible two's were challenging, the "threenage" year caught me totally off-guard.  Motherhood was not what I expected.  I had beautiful, healthy, thriving children, but, boy, were they a handful!  It took everything I had to just make it through the day, then that wonderful "witching hour" would come around and wreak havoc on any sanity I had left.  I knew I had to do something for all of our well-being.  I turned to Christina and she gave me a new perspective on living with (and surviving) my strong-willed child.  As my child grew older, Christina was able to offer suggestions, modifications, and support to help us reclaim our family life.  Her insight is second-to-none.  Like an old friend, I know I can always call upon Christina when I need her.  What makes her better than an old friend, though, is that she's got answers!” -E. B.