Intu It Parenting and Wellness

Consulting for kids, parents, and families through the mind, body, and spirit

What Intu It Offers

Intu It Parenting and Wellness offers personalized, solution-focused and intervention-style consulting for children, parents, and individuals to transform problem behavior into more harmonious living.  Intu It offers consulting that is fun for kids and informative for parents. 

Intu It specifically specializes in:

  • Helping kids who experience issues with anxiety, emotion-regulation, expression, anger, defiance, coping, self-regulation, tolerance, communication, bullying, self-esteem and self-efficacy, effects of divorce, bedtime, self-trust, and self-love to live with more empowerment, resiliency, mindfulness, connection, and confidence.

  • Helping parents who feel stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, and discouraged about their parenting so that they can parent with more mastery, ease, joy, and balance in structure and care.

  • Helping kids and parents to foster the parent-child relationship to decrease behavior problems, improve connection and understanding, and to achieve a flourishing relationship.

Intu It believes that many behavior problems can be resolved by strengthening the parent-child relationship, and this is possible by getting back to basics.  Intu It guides individuals to transform the root of their issues, and works closely with individuals to incorporate more healthful behaviors for a happier lifestyle.      

Allow yourself to experience peace, joy, and transformation at Intu It Parenting and Wellness.

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